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Hey there, I am Grey, and Welcome to our website! Eternal Knight Pack is a pack on Wolf Quest. Here, we RP, share wolf stories, wolf art, wolf poems, hold contests and many more things. Hope you have fun!
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 Western Lookout

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PostSubject: Western Lookout   Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:40 am

The Western Lookout is where Guards, Patrols and Warriors stand on lookout sometimes for
any danger in the West of the Territory. The Western Lookout is similar to the Southern Lookout, except it is lower to the ground, and more
of a hill than a cliff. It faces the Forest Den so the lookers can give the Warning Signal (a sharp, high pitched howl) if they see any dangers
to the pups or other pack members that live there.
In the background is the Ancient Valley

(Sorry about the huge picture!)
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PostSubject: Re: Western Lookout   Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:47 pm

i slowly walk around the trees as i let out a yawn showing my deadly fangs. i look around seeing the hill that grey mentioned to be the western look out. my tail flicks to the side as i look back to the direction of the den then back to the hill. i begin making my way up the hill as the warm breeze shuffles my fur. as i come to the top i sit as i watched over the territory amazed at how big and beautiful it actually is. i lower my body to the ground as i lay down watching the view.
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Western Lookout
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