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Hey there, I am Grey, and Welcome to our website! Eternal Knight Pack is a pack on Wolf Quest. Here, we RP, share wolf stories, wolf art, wolf poems, hold contests and many more things. Hope you have fun!
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 Hira Forest

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PostSubject: Hira Forest   Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:56 pm

Hira Forest is just outside the North-East of the Territory, although some of it goes over the border.
It is said to be haunted by human spirits who seek revenge on the wolves and grizzlies
that killed them. The Alphas send banished members of the pack deep into the heart of Hira Forest
as a punishment, and leave them there to fend for themselves. Other than that, no-one except the
Alphas are allowed to go near the haunted forest.
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Hira Forest
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