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Hey there, I am Grey, and Welcome to our website! Eternal Knight Pack is a pack on Wolf Quest. Here, we RP, share wolf stories, wolf art, wolf poems, hold contests and many more things. Hope you have fun!
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 Greys Bio Page :3

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PostSubject: Greys Bio Page :3   Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:53 am

Name: Grey

Age: 2 and 3 months

Gender: Female

Rank: Alpha Female

Personality: Grey is a strong, war-beaten Warrior, and can be very perliouse and cold, not to mention extremely dangerouse, when she wants to. Having had a tough history, she fights like a grizzly, but, underneath all of that black, blue and white fur, there is definantly a kind heart in there Very Happy

Appearence: Grey has beautiful back fur with a gleaming white chest. Royal blue stripes pertrude down her left front leg, around her tail, and there is a single blue stripe over her left eye

Mate/Pups: Mail Very Happy and no pups yet Sad

Grey was born in the Tiger Moon Pack, where they were all white except for Grey and her father, Derajue, who was Alpha of the pack along with Greys mother day, Grey had a fight with her older sister Dakota, and ended up killing her

All members of the pack who were there stared at her and some started crying, for Dakota had been their favourite. Grey was banished from the pack her father and grew up herself, teaching herself how to hunt and strive on her own. The whole fight had started when Dakota and her friends were sitting on the opposite side of the river to Grey, and they started whispering at giggling and then they got up and turn away and Dakota called out to Grey 'Freak!'. Now THAT got Grey MAD. She leapt across the river and rammed into Dakota, knocking her to the ground and pinning her.

Now, Dakota was never the fighting type, and she never taught herself how to fight like Grey

did. Grey was so upset and mad at everyone calling her Freak and Weirdo that she killed Dakota by slashing her neck open.

Then Grey realised what she had done, and looked up at all of the pack members standing there, wide eyed and shocked. Grey then got scared when she saw her father standing on a nearby rock, her mother standing net to him, crying. He had a cold expression on his face " Grey, you are banished from this pack for killing your own sister"

"And you are no longer my daughter" He finished. Grey stuttered as she looked around her, the pack members forming a circle around her, their expressions gone stern as well.

Greys fur blowed in the cold air, and then she looked down at her sisters dead body .Then, all of her fear and guiltiness turned into unforgivenes, anger and hate



Her eyes narrowed and filled with fire, her once caring and loveable heart now full of pure hate and anger.

Grey snarled louder than she had ever done so before, and ran out of the circle, knocking over a few pack members as she did so.

As she ran, Grey heard her father howl, and then the rest of the pack howl with him, as if they were making exile music (lol didn’t know else to say XD ).

"Why can’t I just be a normal wolf" she cried out loud, and continued running.

Grey ran on and on, far away from the Tiger Moons territory, and got terribly tired after 2 days of nonstop running, and slowed down to a miserable walk.

She became weak and unfit as she struggled to find food, soon almost giving up on hope. But, one day, Grey had a sudden feeling that she had to make a pack, have a family. That day, Grey met Mail and they became good friends (Alpha Male) and from then, the Eternal Knight Pack was born!!

Strenthgs: Grey, as said before, is a VERY skilled and strong fighter. She is smart, quick thinking and always stands up for her pack, never baking out of a fight.

Weaknesses: Being half dog, Grey is much bigger and stronger than an average female wolf. But, when she is tempted or is furiouse, Grey can be VERY dangerouse, even towards her own pack and family. Her eyes turn a deadly white and she is sought to tear and rip any flesh she can get her iron-like jaws on

Goals/Wishes: To get more members

Fav wolfeh song: See top of post ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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PostSubject: Re: Greys Bio Page :3   Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:20 am

Cool bio, Alphess! I love the pics, they are Uber cute! Hehe, I like that word. You're History is really long! Lol, but you are very creative, and it's awesome!
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PostSubject: Re: Greys Bio Page :3   Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:04 pm

cool bio grey you have an interesting history
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PostSubject: Re: Greys Bio Page :3   Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:18 pm

oooh kewlio bio grey its pouring of epic awesomeness XD
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PostSubject: Re: Greys Bio Page :3   

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Greys Bio Page :3
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