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Hey there, I am Grey, and Welcome to our website! Eternal Knight Pack is a pack on Wolf Quest. Here, we RP, share wolf stories, wolf art, wolf poems, hold contests and many more things. Hope you have fun!
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 Gneral Rules of Role Play

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PostSubject: Gneral Rules of Role Play   Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:51 pm


To ensure a relaxed atmosphere among all users of the forum, and to maintain a certain quality of content, are needed some restrictions:

Note: each non-compliance will be warning or disqualification to participate as a forum.

1-Post irrelevant content, with phrases too short that not contribute nothing to the subject, commenting or divert topics that do not correspond to the theme of the section is deemed spam and will be cause for warning.

2-Messages should have a minimum of grammar and writing, this will make the topics most interesting..

3-Is not permitted the use of an inappropriate language nor the insults.

4-Are prohibited post content or links to type pornographic, extremist policy, morally dangerous or offensive. That includes keys, hacks, cracks, warez or anything else illegal.

5-Also is prohibited contents post that are subject to copyright.

6-Spamming with links to themselves web sites, or invitation to the same is not allowed.

7-Content, links, names of users etc. for the sole purpose of disturbing and insulting to other members of this community are prohibited. The same applies in posts/messages that aim to encourage other users to harass and/or insult.

8-One cannot handle the character of another user. Each one must specify the actions and reactions of their own character and act accordingly to what has made the other. Conclusion, do not control the PJ another and has to expect their response.

9-No super powers at all, we want to be realistic.

10-No character will know what the other is thinking, nor will monitor the other, nor may 'make thinking' another character. (Unless there is an exception and is determined by a prior agreement by PM between two or more players).

11-Omnipresence is not permitted. That is, before going to a place (call Basis, Land, Cybertron, etc) there are to leave the previous saying it as if it were part of the narration.

12-Be invincible is not permitted. That is, any character may be defeated, but not killed unless there is a prior agreement between the parties to discuss the fact.Your wolves need to have strengths and weaknesses.

13-When a PJ dies, dies, it is no longer can do nothing for him. The user must change of name and, therefore, of character, in order to continue role playing.

14-If a user has read an event, his character does not know this unless another are what count this or his character has witnessed this event directly.

15-Actions must be in past.

16-Powers and wings are not allowed.

You are allowed to have dealings with grizzly bears, mountain lions, coyotes and rogue wolves, and you can decide what they will do (they are called "off-characters", not roleplayed by anyone), but keep everything realistic.
In real life, wolves tend to stay away from other predators but the pack will chase away an intruder, so behave like a real wolf pack would when having action between your wolves and off-characters.

Rules (c) Strong from BFP
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Gneral Rules of Role Play
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