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Hey there, I am Grey, and Welcome to our website! Eternal Knight Pack is a pack on Wolf Quest. Here, we RP, share wolf stories, wolf art, wolf poems, hold contests and many more things. Hope you have fun!
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 The Ancient Valley

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PostSubject: The Ancient Valley   Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:19 pm

The Ancient Valley is just to the East of Sword Lake. The great river runs through
the mountains, creating a pathway through the large mass of trees and rock. If it isn’t
raining here, the air is humid and the earth always damp. The river is quite strong,
so Pups and Yearlings and not to swim or play in it. Only the older members
of the pack are aloud to go in it. But, if you are fast enough, you might
just be able to catch some Enopian Trout. These fish are very high in
protein and are also extremely appertising, although very slipery and hard to catch.
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The Ancient Valley
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